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What is Wordpress?

WordPress CMS in simple words, Wordpress is called CMS. And CMS stands for the content management system. A platform where you can manage your content.

Why we use WordPress?

For running the website Wordpress is not the first baby of world wide web www before the birth of Wordpress we use different CMS. To run a website whether it was a static site or the dynamic site was not a piece of cake for anyone. Thanks to "Matt Mullenweg" a web developer and the creator or developer of Wordpress. Who made this amazing platform for everyone. Wordpress is Open-source for everyone which means that the source code of the Wordpress is available free for everyone and can make a change in it. Hi...! I am Wordpress if you are interested in me and want to know more about me. So this part of the site is for me only aha, and also for you. Let's know each other.
  • First to know me by reading the following articles and comment on it so that I also familiar with you. Thanks

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