Coursera free courses with certificates (100+ best Coursera courses)

Coursera free courses with certificate
Coursera free courses with a free certificate.

Coursera free courses with certificates are the free courses but only for a limited time.

The limited-time duration for these 100+ best Coursera courses is till 31 July 2020.

Coursera free certificates for best courses

Coursera courses are different from all other courses. Because these courses are offered from the top universities. Especially the certificates from Coursera is very important.

Coursera certificates having a huge value. You can mentioned your coursera certificates in your resume and CV. weather online or offline.

LinkedIn has a core lap for those who are certified from coursera.

Best Coursera Courses

There are above 100+ free courses. That Coursera offering it for free. You can grab 60 other free courses. Which are from Harvard University click here.

I am mentioning some of the courses which are best and free for certificates. But these will not be the last space in the room. you can find others in the following categories.

Best free coursera courses categories

  1. Computer science
  2. Language learning
  3. Health
  4. Animals
  5. Arts and humanities
  6. Business
  7. Data science
  8. Cloud and tech
  9. Math and logic
  10. Personal development
  11. Physical science and engineering
  12. Physics and astronomy
  13. Social sciences

Coursera free courses links

These are some of the direct links. which will drive you direct to the coursera courses. see guide line below.

But before the guideline to show how to access these best Coursera free courses with certificates. Here are some random courses that I like personally from different categories.

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Guideline for accessing Coursera free courses

Coursera free courses and certificates
Coursera free courses and certificates
  • Click on the join for free option. If you don’t have an account.
  • Simply fill out the given form.
  • And click on Join for free button.
  • If you are already member of Coursera than just login to it.
  • Select your desire course to continue.
Coursera free courses and certificates
Coursera free courses and certificates
  • Click on the enroll for free button.
  • Check the Purchase course option.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • It will drive you to the next page.
  • Where you have given a 100% discount.
  • Click on the Pay Now button.
  • Congratulations you have enrolled in your desire course.

How to get Coursera free certificate

There is a condition for free certification. When you complete the free course of Coursera. At the final of each course, you have to require a test for free certification.

To get a free certificate you have to get an 80% percentage of the grad. If you succeed in the test 80% or above from it only then you are eligible for a certificate.

Financial Aid for courses

In case you are not able to pay the fee for some courses which are not free. Or the certification for the courses is not free. So you have the option called financial aid next to the enroll course button.

Click on that button and fill the form. If you found eligible for the course they will let you know in at-least 15 days.


  1. Is any graphic design free certification course available? Becoz, I’m not able to pay the fee…please help me…


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