Harvard online courses free [2021]

harvard online courses free
Harvard online courses free

Harvard online courses free offered by one of the top institutes around the world. These free courses are covering most of the education field.

Get to know how to Harvard university certified. You can get a 90% discount on the certificate with Harvard university edx; read the article to know it. Although the course is 100% free without a certificate.

However, there are some other free courses that provide the free certificate after completion of the course. In which Stanford University is of them.

Here are the free online courses by Harvard university details. These are the subject areas in which you will find the courses categorically.

Harvard free online courses [2021]

No Course Name Discount
1 Art & Design 100%
2 Business 100%
3 Computer Science 100%
4 Data Science 100%
5 Education & Teaching 100%
6 Health & Medicine 100%
7 Humanities 100%
8 Mathematics 100%
9 Programming 100%
10 Science 100%
11 Social Sciences 100%

How to access these Harvard open courses

  • After the read, the complete guide to this Harvard online courses free to click on the bellow button.

Complete Guide to Harvard free course

When you click on the above button. And access to the Harvard University open course site. Click on the view all course button on the right corner.

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Follow the bellow steps to reach out your interested courses.

free online course by harvard university

Click on the price category from the menu. Check the box, with the text “Free“. So it will show you all the free courses offered by Harvard university. which are round about 60 courses. This 60 figure of course may goes up and down by the time. At the time I am writing this article they offered 60 free online courses.

free online free course deadline of harvard uni
Select duration in which you want this free course
free course duration
the free course duration of Harvard university
free course selection
Select your level of difficulty for the free course

Select your Harvard free course criteria

  • These free open courses by Harvard university are so handy.
  • The above combine three images identify you to choose the courses according to your choice.
  • Select the duration in which you want to do this course.
  • You can also select the difficulty of free courses.

Create free account to access Harvard free course

login for free courses from harvard university
  • To create your account simply fill the above form. Which will be appearing while you choosing your Harvard online courses for free.
  • It requires a simple email, your personal name for the certificate so please write your full name.
  • Write your public username this name will be shown to you on the dashboard when the account is created.
  • Password and country selection necessary. When you click on the checkbox, it will acquire some other details. Those details are optional to you can leave it no worries and click the create button.
  • Your account will be created successfully if you follow the above instructions.
free online course enrollment

Enroll yourself by clicking the same green button. which will be shown to you when your account is created. And if you want to receive future updates regarding courses and else. Check the box next to button.

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Enjoy your free course by Harvard

free online course by harvard university
free online course by harvard university

How to get a 90% discount with Harvard University edx

To get a 90% discount on the certificate you have to write an application. The application is offered by Harvard University edx. To write the application you have to be enrolled in the course first.

Use the same login details for Harvard University edx also; to access this page where you will write the application. Click on the bellow button it will move you to the website. where you can write an application.

Your submitted application will be reviewed in 2-4 business day. If your application is approved Harvard University edx you will receive an email, where they will give you some promo type code. That’s all…! enjoy your certificate.

Don’t let your self to avail this opportunity of amazing 60 free online courses by Harvard university [2020].

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