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school education
school education

School education is the first step toward the boundaries of education. Well, I am going to enlighten the phrase I just used “boundaries of education” in a critics way.

But before going toward it allow me the brief for this blog. In this blog, I will find the school of thoughts that how school education is divided into our typical categories.

  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Higher school
  • Higher secondary school
  • Private school
  • Government school

Boundaries of school education

Well, nowadays education is not on one layer that used to be so the direct effect of schooledu is obvious.

I create a boundary in schooledu by defining the different layers in schooling the students. Those layers are naming the primary school, higher school, private school or government school.

I might think some times that I discriminate against the school students who are kids and even don’t know about the discrimination. If you think that how I discriminate against the kids in schools.

let me answer this first, nowadays the syllabus is not what I and you might be thinking that every book, notes, and other educational properties are the same. Well, there are some cases that even the syllabus is the same. let this critic be optional if you are not agreed.

The real discrimination that I highting here is about the syllabus. If I am in school or being a parent, have I ever give a thought that in which school I am or I was the perfect school.

If your answer is yes or not in both cases, consider some things that, how are the curriculum activities, the confidence, grooming the personality development in our school is it good or not. I think this is only one side of the mind that it’s good or not. One must consider it for other children or kids that are not in the same school.

I know if you are confused that how a kid should know all these things how they consider this mindset. But hi I am talking to your parents it’s also your duty to look after other kids. That how they are accessing education, if we individually think of it so then you and I will find our kids in a healthy society.

If you and I individually thinking same we will be the next example for society.

Faizan Hussain

A Primary school near to me

A primary school is the first session for any kid toward education. Normally the kids serve nursery to five classes in primary school which are considered the root for the children.

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It’s always suggested that select the primary school near to you, well, sometimes you are lucky to have a good school near to you but what about those kids whos far from a good school. The parents are not able to left them from good category school just because of the excuses they have.

I am leaving up to you that it’s good or bad for the kid that they are not able to go to school far from their homes. And also consider the excuses of there parents and find it that it’s worth for the kid or for the parents.

Role of a teacher in society

A teacher is teaching and the students are learning. It is the only role of a teacher to teach the student what is in the book. what about those things that are not defined in the book.

The actual role of the teacher is to evolve the student in those activities that enlighten the society’s culture. How to react and how to implement and share their school of thoughts in society for good purposes.

  • Who is my and everyone’s first teacher?

Secondary school

Secondary school according to the practical analysis of society is the first step toward the maturity level of the student or kid. Normally the expectations from the student begin from secondary school.

The parents are finding the pros and cons of future studies of their children. Despite that, in many cases, the kids are not even aware of future analytics. But the parents are imposing their experiences on their children.

The boundary of secondary school is defined from class six(6) to class eight(8) normally.


Higher school

The real game of school is beginning from higher school. I remember those lines of my teachers that they said: “You are the senior students of the school“. Be an example for junior students and we the students whispering around and who was our example as a senior.

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After a time I realize that ok, it is also in the syllabus to tell the higher school student all those lines which impact them positively or negatively well, no one care.

I am not talking about all the higher school system in one category. There are always two sides of hands. So it’s up to me that in which category I am or I was.

No matter in which category of higher school you are. The only sentence is the same on both sides of the hand. which is Reputation of …. obviously mine oh no my school reputation is on the line always with the student of higher schools.


Higher secondary school

As I go through both of the higher school and secondary school education and enlighten them manually on the bases of general thoughts accordingly. So what is new in it. The students are owned by some of the schools with a higher secondary school occupation.

This means no need to go to another school and looking for the best and worst school system you facilitate with both the options that are higher and secondary. Great!

  • Government and private schools.

How lucky I am to write a note on it because I am studied in a government school as well as in private schools.


Government school education

Government schools are the best school in only one case if the management of the school is good, not fine. The capacity of a teacher in every expectation is better than others. But if only the teacher follows those rules defined by the law to join and elect for the government job.

Else option is very worse not for the teachers but for the students. The very big excuse for today’s government schools in the same that there are no checks and balances.

I am not talking about the presence of teachers in school. What I am addressing that I saw the teachers who are in the school but not taking their classes. If you think that I am the wrong participant to say this. Wait for the spark you will be enlightening in the future and see such teachers as.

The worse option with the students in government schools is that the students are not questioning one person but the system itself. Even though if the student figure to question someone in the government school it impossible because others are not let it happen very easily.


Private school education

Private school is the property of its owner. They were responsible for all the ups and downs that the student faces in the school.

Students take a breath on the money within a private school.

Faizan Hussain

Private schools are always the option for government schools in many societies. The environment in private schools is not always static it can be changed anytime according to a student.

Pay the best be the best.

Faizan Hussain

Schooledu in a private school is dependent on you if you choose the school with the good or high rating. Private schools are proportional every time to your payments.

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Students, as well as the parents, have the option to questioned anything that happens in the school easily most of the time. And the private school is way flexible with those questions to answer you.


You and I are bound with the boundaries of the system of education in school. There should not be any discrimination towards school education. There should not be any class for rich and poor at least at the primary school level. We should not be imposing any goods or bads on the children on secondary school education level.

Think about the carrier and reputation of the student. Instead of the school reputation and not make the student’s nerves and depression so that they can’t figure out what is best for them nor for school.

Government school should arrange their arrangement first like private schools and make a flat road for both the rich and poor students.

To serve and enhance your educational knowledge even at the school level, the Internet plays a very primary role. So to familiar with the internet. Click here to know me who I am the internet?

The first toward education is school education. if the schooling of the student is not good and the upbringing is not reliable then it will be difficult for student carrier in the future. So choose the best for school education.

Government schools are finance and manage by the government and the private schools are under the individual person who can run and manage the finances also.



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