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Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is free now…!I am writing this article on 25 March 2020.

neil-patel email

Email Notification

Last night I receive an email from the owner of Ubersuggest who is respectively the Neil Patel.

Ubersuggest is free by Neil Patel

As you and I know this, that the coronavirus is making way everywhere around the world. And every one suggesting that please avoid the social gathering or any type of gathering.

As everywhere knows this, that Ubbersuggest was not free although some features were free before. But there are a lot of options that were not free for everyone.

Each one is contributing nowadays to help others and control this coronavirus from spreading.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is free for now because as from the above email screen short it’s clearly mentioned. That please be safe and stay at home. Using the Ubersuggest keyword finder tool for free and don’t join any social gathering or parties.

What is Ubersuggest By Neil Patel

Well, as from the name its clarify this uber (to drive you) suggest (with the suggestions of keywords).

Ubersuuggest is the tool through which you can find the keywords that are searching by internet users all around the internet.

Keywords finding is not the only option of Ubersuggest. You can find the keywords ideas for your website. It will show you how internet users are searching on the internet and what are they searching, from where they are searching.

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Internet searching history

Ubersuggest track all the history from the internet that how the users of the internet are searching and what they are searching. Google or other search engines stores the searching history of all the users.

Searching history is so needy and necessary for anyone who wants to dig in the internet business. Through which you can find your competitors and also your audience.

What’s Free on Ubersuggest now

The tool for tracking the history of internet users is often more flexible now. It shows the analytics and the graph of your competitor’s website also the overview of your competitor’s websites.

Now you can track easily other websites and their strategies so that you can find a space for your feet on the shoes of others around the internet.

It also shows the keywords more often than that of free. You can do the keyword research according to your target volume of audience. Simply select your filter audience and the Ubersuggest will do the job for you free.

Track out Your Website with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest tracks out your website all the time if you REGISTER your self with the google account simply. And give your website domain to this searching tool and it will track all analytics of your website for free.

It will show you all the analytics of your website once you register your site domain URL.

Also in this free Ubersuggest tool, for now, you can find the analytics of any website you want just enter the domain URL of that site. And see the details of that site like;

  • Track keywords that are ranking on any domain URL.
  • Find the Volume of each page, and the site estimate volume also.
  • Find the graph of visitors for any domain URL with just one click.
Take this as a oppertunity for your blog, site or anything and please find a worth benifit out of this free Ubersuggest free keyword finder tool. Thank You.

In this free period of Ubersuggest, you can easily find the top pages on the internet. Find your keywords and also the tool will show you the top pages that are already ranking on google for the same keyword.

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You can easily compete with competitors of your keywords, it also shows the backlinks of each website you search in it.


A simple conclusion out of this blog I can give you this, please promise your self that I will stay safe and keep helping others. Like Neil Patel sir owner of the Ubersuggest who gives a gift for us and helps us to grow our business.

Time Takes Revange or Gives Reward It’s Upto You To Spend it Visely.

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My name is Faizan Hussain. I am a web developer, designer, and blogger also working on WordPress.I am a software engineer by professional degree from Abasyn University Peshawar (kpk, Pakistan)



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