Before starting what is WordPress plugins and why first, let’s come to define the word plugin and then WordPress plugin.

which will clear you this why it is called plugin and in WordPress why it is called WordPress plugins.

What is a plugin?

The word plugin comes up with two words first plug and second in.

Know plug generally used for some type of action on anything so for that you plugin to anything to see the active result.

For example, plugin the charger to charge the laptop or mobile. plug in the switch to turn on the fan or anything. these all are the general examples that one can understand it very easily.

Now come to our core topic which is a WordPress plugin if you understand the above example I make sure you will understand the WordPress plugin very easily.

wordpress plugin

What is the WordPress plugin?

To increase the functionality of any existing software, website, application or any program we use plugins.

Plugins are enhancing or increase the functionality of any existing program. 

A simple definition of the plugin is like it’s a piece of code which increase the functionality of the program because those functionalities are predefined in the functions of the plugins.

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Different plugins are used for different purposes why?

As I define it above that plugins are some predefined functions to perform some action now it’s obvious that if the functions are defined like to collect the user data so it can only collect the data rather than show something else.

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Every plugin contains different functions so that’s why it acts differently than each other.

Free WordPress plugins:

WordPress comes with numerous free plugins and these WordPress plugins can be used by any user who’s using WordPress platform. There are thousands of plugins that are totally free but none the less there is always a room for those plugins that are paid.

Some of the WordPress plugins were totally free when it was published on the WordPress platform back in time but now those plugins are not.

The reason is that whenever the plugins are published it’s in beta form.

This means the plugin is in a testing state when it declared that WordPress is used to with the plugin and it fulfils the requirements of the WordPress along with users.

Paid or pro version WordPress plugins:

When the beta version of the plugin has successfully defeated the barriers to words the pro version and there is no easy possible way for bugs errors or defects.

Then the creator of the WordPress plugin limited the users for the advance usage of the plugin.

free-vs-pro-wordpress plugins

Free plugins vs paid plugins or pro version:

Know to look after the final outcome one must conclude that which free or pro version is better. So in my point of view if you have the capacity to afford the paid version go for it else free.

One must ask this if the free version complete all our requirements so why I go out for the paid one so here is the simple answer.

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Is that if somehow after a while you are using the free version and you face some issues by using the free plugin so the company or the creators are not responsible for it.

But if you are using the paid version so you don’t need to worry about anything because they are responsible and taking care of any issue you are facing with their plugin.

They will fix it because you have the right to question them but in the free version most of the time you don’t have the right to question.

Although for free plugins you are limited with the options they are offering for their plugins but in the paid version you can access all options they are offering with the plugin.

It’s not like you cannot use the free plugins because of the future issues a numerous number of users and companies using the free plugins.

Because the company who developed the plugins are strongly taking care of their product in any way.

Your faith and belief in my free services will pay me soon.

Faizan Hussain

Why WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are playing a very important role from the day when the concept of plugins was born because everyone is not a developer or programmer nor designer.

When the plugins are programming or building it follows the one standard.

Plugins are the gifts from the developers because it solves a lot of our problem and saves the valuable time of general users and others. Plugins allow the user to customize their needs with a simple interface without having the knowledge of coding or anything.

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