Youtube Short stories and how to create and upload

youtube short stories
youtube short stories

YouTube short stories are the new feature launched by YouTube. It’s stick on the wall of the YouTube app of your mobile phone by now.

In this post, I will enlighten all the details about YouTube short stories. But I have questions in my mind so yours, which is;

  • Why we need youtube short.
  • what is youtube short.
  • Why I have to use it.
  • Does youtube short is the alternative to TikTok.
  • Can TikTok be beaten by Youtube short?
  • YouTube short vs TikTok.

Well, these all are the question I asked myself. Before drive into the main topic which is youtube short stories. If you wish to find the answer to these questions in detail click here YouTube Short Vs TikTok to read it.

YouTube Short Stories

YouTube short stories are the small videos which is found on the wall youtube mobile app. when I open the mobile app of youtube after 2 or 3 video scroll you will see the YouTube short videos like below.

Screen short of youtube short videos

How to create YouTube Short Videos

The YouTube Short video can be created very easily by following these steps.

  • Open YouTube mobile app.
  • Click on the (+) sign button on the bottom.
  • A pop-up will appear and select create a Short.
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The following screenshots are clearing it more.

How to create youtube shot

If you see the above screenshot, one is with the question mark and it doesn’t have the option of create a short. It is because of the beta version of this feature.

YouTube has mainly featured this option for Indian users only. But it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world can’t use this feature at the moment.

If you are not accessing YouTube from India than their is other way to utilize this feature to upload a short video.

Note: This short video feature is for all as the same, Only for a content creator to upload the short videos these above points are discussed.

Youtube Short video feature

  • The video should be in portrait mode.
  • Must look attractive on a mobile screen.
  • Build-in features like effects, animations, and filters are not added yet.
  • It can be monetized to earn money from AdSense.
  • You can use the audio library for adding music to the video.
  • Your video must look portrait on desktop screen also like TikTok videos.
  • Hold the round red button while shooting the youtube short video directly from the youtube app.
  • If in case your video is not published automatically when shot. Check the visibility option to know about your video status whether it’s published publically, private, or else.

Your screen should be filming like this;

portrait girl image

YouTube Short Video Length

Length of the video for the YouTube short is the important factor which separate the category of video from rest of the videos on youtube. So you have to play with it very carefully.

  • You can shot up to 15 seconds only via YouTube short feature camera.
  • Hold on the limit is not 15 seconds but the short video length should be less than 60 seconds.
  • Yet if you don’t have the create short video option on your YouTube app. Still, you can create and upload up to less than 60 seconds under one condition which is the video should be in vertical form.
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Important Hashtag (#) is must

This hashtag is necessary, if you want your video should load for the youtube short video list then #Shorts must be added to the title of the short video.

You can add this #Short in the description also to confirm your existence on YouTube short stories.

My First Youtube Short Video


YouTube short is the new feature launched by YouTube which is available in the YouTube mobile app. This feature is available with the specified length of the video which is less than 60 seconds.

YouTube Short is in beta version and all the interesting features are in line but not added yet. Your video must be shot portrait or vertical. If you are uploading a short video outside India then the create short option is not available you can shot a normal video.

Add #Shorts to the title and the description of your YouTube short stories videos.


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