YouTube Shorts and TikTok

youtube short and tiktok
youtube short and tiktok

YouTube shorts and TikTok will be competing in the near future. I know about the TikTok whether I using it or not. But I might think that what is YouTube shorts?

Technology is the name of changing. As everyone knows this that TikTok is a competing app in today technology. Because of its user interaction, interest and engaging nature with every age.

For further discussion let me brief you. What will you be getting in this article while reading it.

YouTube shorts and TikTok ?

  • How YouTube shorts will competing with TikTok.
  • Why people will love YouTube shorts more than TikTok.
  • TikTok spaces will be filled by YouTube shorts.
  • How people will earn from YouTube shorts.
  • How people are earning from TikTok.
  • Which one is better or will be better.
  • Why should famous TikToker drag toward YouTube shorts?
  • What are the main holes which will be filled by YouTube short?
  • Why TikTok is a famous one yet.
  • Alternative of TikTok will be?

Well, there are a lot to discuss between each of them. But I feel it like a boring and extra to my topic here. I am not going to deep inside analytics of TikTok.

But there are some ground analytics due to which google is compel to announce it new product called YouTube short.

Analytics of TikTok

  • 800 million active monthly user estimate. Which is a huge number?
  • More then 1 billion users as if now.
  • The TikTok app has been downloaded over 1.9 billion times worldwide. Oh!
  • 83% of TikTok users are posting their videos.
  • Click here for more analytics about the TikTok app.
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Competition between TikTok and YouTube shorts

You might think that how this huge audience on TikTok will compete with the YouTube shorts. To understand this let me reveal something here. That’s TikTok is mostly or normally make you famous.

There are no earning process for normal users or even for famous one. You might get a sponsored video but that is when you got a huge number of follower more than a million. which will take a lot of to time to reach and then found by the sponsors.

But as if you have a little knowledge about YouTube which is the product of google. and working on the monetization factor which means once your account or channel get monetize. Then you can earn a handsome amount of money out of it.

In my opinion or it’s ground reality that if a person has alternative to anything. And which is beneficial too so why would be someone spend their energy and time on the free one.

If I let everything behind me, and just focus on it will be a huge factor on the competing process of TikTok.

People love TikTok or YouTube shorts

For now my answer and every body answer is same. I love TikTok. People are loving TikTok because of it’s nature. Every one is celeb because of TikTok. Life is so boring nowadays and also everyone want a quick smile on there faces.

Everyone wants to do what others are doing. This mean in a past it was so difficult to catch a acting sport in this digital world. But TikTok leave everything behind and give a chance to anybody to act and recognize.

The only reason of TikTok growth was that. It allows the users not only watch the videos but act on it. Act on the famous dialogues, songs, jokes and else.

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People will love the YouTube shorts in near future. Because it will allow the users with the same entertainment facility along with the earning. And earning is a huge motivation.

Holes on TikTok

There are holes on TikTok which will be filled by YouTube shorts. As TikTok is famous although but it only allow it’s users to entertain others. Well there are some earning strategies but it’s not piece of cake for everyone.

A very few of people earning from TikTok who are actually called the TikTok stars. But what about those who have not that much-populated audience. And still they are getting huge views on their content.

As for YouTube videos you can get paid once you reach the terms and condition of YouTube. And they will be allowing its users to earn from YouTube shorts by running ads and other stuff.

YouTube shorts will fulfill the holes of TikTok on this way that allow the users to earn also.

TikTok and YouTube short better will be?

It’s a myth of technology. Who ever entertain and engage its audience is the winner.

Till now TikTok is the winner because of the facts. It allows a simple user to work on and entertain him/her self along with others. But I see such a TikToker who was so famous, But they left. Because after certain time they realize this that it’s just a wast of time.

As I mentioned above that money or earning is a huge motivation. being a simple user of the internet to spend your time and earn from it. Or you are a school or college student and entertain yourself and earn from it.

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If in future YouTube short will allow its users. Not only to entertain but earn from it also, this will break the bones of TikTok somehow.

At that point YouTube shorts will be better then TikTok. Because it will fulfill the capacity of TikTok, along with some good green bubbles. In the form of earning.

Alternative of TikTok? Yet

TikTok is the beast of social media. It’s because there was no alternative of TikTok. It’s slays the legends of internet and eat there audience very fast.

In just few years TikTok impress the internet audience. Before that Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and some other social side were impressing the audience.

Yet TikTok is the only fish in a river. Sooner or later Google is launching the alternative of TikTok. Then it will depend on the audience to choose whether TikTok or the alternative. Which will be YouTube shorts.


I am expecting huge changes in the future of digital marketing. When Google launches its product alternative to TikTok. As we all know this TikTok allow the users to make the content with a count of seconds.

But there were not huge market of internet marketing for the TikTok videos. Now when its come to YouTube shorts it will allow the marketers to run their businesses along.

Count my words in future it will be a clean and open challenge for any digital marketer. To run there businesses by presenting it in a seconds. Because in future the audience will fast enough to watch your ads.

You will be presenting your self in seconds of time, which is a huge challenge. And this challenge will be offered by YouTube shorts and Tiktok.

My name is Faizan Hussain. I am a web developer, designer, and blogger also working on WordPress.I am a software engineer by professional degree from Abasyn University Peshawar (kpk, Pakistan)



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